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Job Board Script

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Classifieds Script

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Auction Script

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B2B Script

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Business Directory Script

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Auto classifieds script

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FAQ Script

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News Script

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FAQ Script


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Demo of FAQ Script
$ 39.00
  • FAQ Script (Knowledge base script)

  • PHP FAQ Script (Knowledge base script) comes with a powerful admin panel. In FAQ script admin panel you can manage whole script content. You can define FAQs, organize them in multilevel unlimited categories, manage all content etc. FAQ script also provides you interface to manage discussion forum content. You can also set SEO features which can help you get free traffic worth hundreds of dollars every month. Knowledgebase script also provide full stats, hundreds of configurable parameters, full control over outgoing mails and lots more.

  • ADMIN AREA FEATURES of Php Faq Script (Knowledge base script)

  • Extensive usage stats like:
    • Total categories / questions / comments
    • Total Views / Prints and referrals of the articles
    • Most popular FAQ Questions from different perspectives
    • Latest User Questions/ Queries
    • Latest User Comments
  • Stats management and provision to reset following counters
    • VIEW Counter in Knowledgebase script
    • Email Counter
    • Print Counter
    • All counters (in one go)
  • Post Articles along with specific information like:
    • Article TITLE
    • SEO Title (SEO script feature)
    • Meta Keywords (SEO script feature)
    • Meta Description (SEO script feature)
    • SEO URL to be show in location bar (SEO script feature)
  • Provision to specify related articles / FAQ Questions
  • Edit/Delete Articles / FAQ Questions in knowledgebase script
  • Manage ratings for existing articles / FAQ Questions
  • Search articles in FAQ Script
  • Browse articles with access to comments posted and ratings received
  • Manages (Add / Edit / Approve) comments posted by visitors for articles
  • View unapproved comments in knowledge base script
  • View article details print / refer article options
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  • Manage multi-level hierarchical categories
  • Create categories and subcategories along with specific information like:
    • Parent Category
    • SEO Title (SEO script feature)
    • Meta Keywords (SEO script feature)
    • Meta Description (SEO script feature)
    • SEO URL to be show in location bar (SEO script feature)
  • Edit / Delete categories (with checks to avoid deletion of non-empty categories)
  • Shift articles from one category to another in one go
  • Manage user questions / queries
  • Delete user queries in knowledgebase script
  • Process user queries with following options:
    • Sent reply to user by email
    • Add question to FAQ database and publish it
    • Send as replay and add to database
  • Define your own multiple icon sets for the script
  • Set which iconset to use on the front end out of available icon sets
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  • Manage all site icons from the admin panel like:
    • Category Title Icon
    • Article Title Icon
    • Comment Title Icon
    • Add Query Link Icon
    • Attachment Icon
    • Email Icon
    • Print Icon
    • Add Comment Button Icon
    • Search Button Icon
    • Home Icon
  • Set questions/articles to be shown per page in front end
  • Enable / disable comment approval (by admin) for each comment that is posted
  • Enable/Disable Captcha from following front end forms:
    • Comment Posting Form
    • Post Query to admin Form
    • Refer article to a friend Form
  • Set active icon set in knowledge base script
  • Enable / disable Search engine optimization (URL rewriting) (SEO script feature)
  • In faq script you can define site Meta Keywords and Meta description
  • Set extension for rewritten URLs for articles and categories
  • Set Search Engine Optimization Page name for following pages:
    • Category details Page
    • Article details Page
    • Search Results Page
    • Refer Article to Friend Page
    • Send Mail Page
    • Post Comment Page
    • Comment Added Page
    • Print Article Page
    • Post a query Page
    • Insert query Page
    • Post rating Page
  • Provides text to be copied to .htaccess file for URL rewriting
  • Configure all outgoing emails in knowledgebase script
  • Script send following emails at various times:
    • Refer Article to a friend Email
    • User Question posted email
    • Answer from admin to user question
  • FAQ script allows you to switch ON/OFF all these emails
  • Knowledge base script allows you to set HTML email mode ON/OFF
  • Mails can be sent in Plain text or as HTML email
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  • Best php script for FAQ.


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