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Job Board Script

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FAQ Script

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FAQ Script


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Demo of FAQ Script
$ 39.00
  • PHP FAQ Script (Knowledge base Script)

  • Nice PHP FAQ Script comes with best front end feature that makes it the leading Knowledge base script available in the market. Knowledgebase script is created with a lot of care so that your script front end is highly optimized for search engine. Thus knowledgebase script can generate traffic worth hundreds of dollars month after with at no cost. This one spatiality makes our FAQ Script the best selling FAQ script. Get best php scripts for different websites today.
  • FRONT END FEATURES of Php Faq Script (Knowledge base Script)

  • Top quality pre-integrated design to make script very attractive for your visitors
  • Design inspite of being beautiful is very light and your web site works really fast
  • Fast loading knowledgebase script and graphic enhances conversion of your visitors
  • Keyword based search for articles / FAQ Questions / Information
  • This way user can get answers to their queries within seconds.
  • It helps increase sales as well as decreases load of answering repeat queries of similar nature.
  • Search includes many advanced options.
  • User can search by providing multiple keywords
  • Search options like Any Word, All Words and Phrase Match make searching highly efficient.
  • Option to limit search to specific category during category browsing.
  • Multi-level hierarchical categories with category browsing
  • Top ten articles features to show most popular content on home page of knowledge base script
  • URL rewriting for all categories and article pages (using the SEO script features)
  • Each category page has its on keyword rich unique URL.
  • Separate SEO title, page name, page TITLE , Keywords, description for articles
  • Separate SEO title, page TITLE , Keywords, description for categories
  • Knowledgebase script includes a discussion forum
  • Users can post their comments on the forum
  • Each Article has its separate discussion forum.
  • Faq script gives you full control over comments
  • You can also set comment approval to admin so that nothing is posting without your approval.
  • Users can also print any article or question in knowledge base script.
  • In faq script users can also refer question to a friend
  • Additional options like print article / FAQ Question, refer article to a friend etc give free viral promotion
  • Printer friendly version FAQ question for convenient printing and reading
  • Knowledgebase script includes rating system also.
  • Users can rate answers and tell it it helped them.
  • This feedback helps you increase quality of your answers.
  • When you answer any new query you have option to add it to you FAQ database also.
  • This ensures that knowledgebase script on your web site is ever improving and growing.
  • It is amazing feature of faq script.
  • FAQ viewing stats, posted on info etc shown along side the article
  • Provision for attachments to be added to article for download
  • Show Related articles along side the article
  • Post Query form to contact webmaster, in case any info is not available in FAQ.
  • Search for approved/unapproved question in knowledge base script.
  • Buy php scripts at best prices.
  • Best php script for FAQ.
  • Captcha on Post Comment form to minimize SMAP
  • Captcha on Post Query form to minimize SPAM
  • Captcha on Refer to Friend form to minimize SPAM.
  • Captchas can be switched ON / OFF admin panel


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