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Auction Script

Auction Script overview

Auction Script front end

Auction Script admin end

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Job Board Script

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Auction Script

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Auction Script


Buy Auction Script
Demo of Auction Script
$ 149.00
  • Auction Script (auctions script)

  • Auction Script is the world-leader php auction script that has constantly evolved over last 10+ years. Its brilliant design, layout and unmatchable features make this php script the best auctions script. Auctions script has a very unique and attractive design that ensures that your visitors are forced to get hooked. This is great for success of your auction web site. Auctions script is not just a simple script. It has got amazing search engine optimization features that ensure that you get free traffic worth thousands of dollars from search engines year after year. And most importantly our auctions script has got the STRONGEST ADMIN PANEL. All the SEO settings, configurable parameters, layout settings, categories, products, members , premium sellers etc. everything can be managed directly from admin panel without technical programming knowledge. This makes it the auctions script with best script admin panel!

  • Auction script admin end features (aka auctions script)

  • Easily accessible web site stats on admin home page
  • See general and current usage information about auctions script
  • E.g. you can see how many auctions were started in last 7 days
  • Full control over all categories and sub-categories
  • Define your own category structure with unlimited categories and sub-categories
  • Categories in this php script can go any levels deep
  • With each category administrator can set its SEO parameters
  • E.g. meta keywords, meta-description, keyword rich URL etc.
  • It is very powerful feature of our php auction script
  • You can shift listings from one category to another with a single click
  • You can set hundreds of layout parameters, settings etc in admin panel
  • There is separate section for setting billing accounts
  • Using this you can attach your paypal account or 2CO account etc.with the script.
  • When users will pay to post auction fees, it will automatically deduct fee from account balance
  • You have full seller member control panel in php auction script
  • You can edit member profiles etc.
  • You have full control to edit/remove or suspend any auction web site member.
  • You can also watermark images posted in script (gd lib/imagemagick)
  • Script also generates small image thumbnails to make script faster
  • It is great to pull more traffic to your web site.
  • Full auction management area
  • You can edit , delete or remove any auction anytime
  • You can also approve/disapprove any listing
  • You have full control over content of all auction postings on your web site.
  • You can also configure automatic rude word filter module of php auction script
  • You have full control over images posted with auctions
  • Same way you can control all videos posted on web site.
  • You can directly upload your company logo in script admin panel
  • There is dedicated SEO parameters settings option
  • You can individually manage SEO info and keyword rich URLs of each listing and category
  • There are many other layout management parameters
  • You can mark any seller premium seller.
  • You can sell all fees directly from admin panel
  • You can also offer them promotional signup bonus
  • You can enable disable google maps
  • Auction script has ad management system included in it
  • You can define any number of ad slots of any size
  • You can rotate unlimited ads in each ad slot
  • There is support for text as well as image ads
  • There are many configurable earning options in script admin panel
  • You can set your own listing fees and retain all profits
  • Get the most powerful auctions script
  • Great admin panel makes it the best php auction script
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